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Modelling Multi-episodic Quality Perception for Different telecommunication Services: First Insights

Dennis Guse, Benjamin Weiss, Sebastian Möller QoMEX 2014

Abstract: Most studies on the perceptual quality evaluation of multi-media services are limited to short media samples or episodes, although typical usage of services occurs in a more regular way over longer periods of exposure (weeks, months or years). So far, it is unclear how the experience of individual episodic use is integrated to form an experience of one service as a whole, spanning over multiple usage episodes. In this paper, we present two studies on the quality experienced during multi-episodic usage of different media and communication services, and first approaches to model multi-episodic quality judgments. An analysis of the data shows that the particular instance of episodic judgment strongly affects the integration function, which makes it difficult to derive models of general validity. Ways to over-come the observed limitations are discussed.