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Temporal Development of Quality of Experience

Benjamin Weiss, Dennis Guse, Sebastian Möller, Alexander Raake, Adam Borowiak, Ulrich Reiter Sebastian Möller, Alexander Raake (eds.): Quality of Experience Advanced Concepts, Applications and Methods

Abstract: Most research on Quality of Experience treats QoE as a static event. As a result, QoE is measured for stimuli of delimited length, and the QoE which is associated with the stimulus is considered to be stable along its duration. However, this rarely happens in reality where usage episodes extend over several seconds and minutes (e.g. a phone call), hours (e.g. a video film), or regularly over periods of weeks or months (when considering QoE of a subscribed service). In this chapter, we will discuss the cognitive processes involved when QoE is integrated over usage episodes, and describe corresponding assessment methods. We will also review models for estimating episodic and multi-episodic QoE from momentary QoE judgments or their predictions.