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Macro-temporal development of QoE: impact of varying performance on QoE over multiple interactions

Dennis Guse, Sebastian Möller DAGA 2013

Abstract: For IP-based multimedia service providers perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) is an important factor as it influences user satisfaction, which in turn affects future usage behavior. We propose to complement the current state-of-the-art approach to QoE from short-term, i.e. one interaction up to some minutes, to cover multiple interactions over longer periods to determine long-term effects on QoE. In this paper, we present a study employing an audio-speech communication system and an entertainment system. The study was conducted with 20 subjects over 14 days providing daily task-based interaction using two service performance profiles. We found that low performance events immediately influenced the per-interaction QoE-ratings and the following QoE-ratings. We further derived a simple model to estimate the integrated QoE over multiple interactions per service.