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-About me-



A JavaScript framework to implement HMTL5-based questionnaires.

Website: www.thefragebogen.de

The STEAK Project

Implementing a telephone conferencing system that provides "3D Audio".

Website: www.SteakConferencing.de

PS: STEAK stands for "Spatial TelephonE conferencing for AsterisK".


An extension for PureData to simulate telephony-related degradations.

Code: https://github.com/TheTelephone/


Is a HTML5-based text editor that highlights the current paragraph and allows distraction free writing. The code can be found here.

Features (positive arguments):

  1. everything can be done using the keyboard.
  2. only current text is shown.
  3. nothing is stored anywhere (neither online or offline).
  4. runs in a web-browser (everywhere without installation).
  5. it looks nice.
  6. change as you like.

Start writing...

Further Projects

Further open-source projects can be found on Github page.