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Releasing OpenTracks

Dennis Guse

Some years ago, I was a happy user of Google’s MyTracks. It was a great application to track your sport and outdoor activities. The feature (I rarely used) I liked the most was that you could take pictures and these were included in the tracks. However, in 2016 Google decided to stop working on MyTracks and also removed it from the Play Store. Gladly, the source code of MyTracks was released as Open Source (Apache 2.0 license) and thus, theoretical, could be maintained further. However, nothing happened so far and while looking for a new spare-time project, I decided to revamp MyTracks. For me, it was and will be an interesting endeavour on restoring a fully matured Android application while adding/changin/removing features while keeping it maintainable.

The revamped version is now released as OpenTracks. OpenTracks will project vision is rather simple: privacy first, features second.

Following, this vision OpenTracks will not include functionality that will require Internet access. This also includes features like showing a recorded track on map.

Source code: Github