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Lenovo X60 and Ericcson F5521gw

Dennis Guse

My old Lenovo X60 (wwan ready: antenna an sim slot available) uses the current state of the art UMTS (mini pci express) card from Ericcson. The card orignally belongs to an Lenovo W520 - FRU is 60Y3279.

!I am using the original BIOS (no zender!)



PIN 20: Not my image; credits go to the unknown creator (Update: Link is down.; Link removed).

Any question: Leave a comment with your mail-addr.

PS: In comparison to WiFi tethering with my Palm Pre: the card is awesome fast! (using O2 max. 3.6 Mbit/s)

Update: Similar guide for Dell and a WWAN

Extract drivers from encrypted install shield archives