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Apple Wireless Keyboard on Windows [AppleKeyboardInstaller.exe]

Dennis Guse

At the weekend I found a solution to a long lasting problem of mine. I have a Apple Wireless Keyboard, because two years ago it was the best Bluetooth keyboard on the market (Currently I can’t say, didn’t checked again). So, I use the keyboard every day mostly for writing text ;), but the device doens’t posess a DEL, POS1 and END-Key and thus it is hard to navigate during typing.

The solution is install the keyboard driver provided by Apple in the Bootcamp package. The driver I use is from a OS X Leopard installation disc. Or download it here: http://www.happytocode.com/post/Apple-Aluminium-keyboard-Boot-Camp-20-Windows-drivers.aspx

PS: After I found the solution myself, I had the correct google search term and solutions older than my keyboard. But it works.

UPDATE: The keyboard driver sometimes leads to Bluescreens, so I am back using the standard windows drivers without the additional keyboard shortcuts.