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Book: Domain-Driven Design (Eric Evans)

Dennis Guse

In the last summer (‘08) I had the time to read that book. A friend of mine (thanks to Thorben) suggested that the book is really worth a try. The cover says: “Tackling complexity in the Heart of Software”. And that is a really summary.

Evans describes with short examples situations in software development projects which can lead to critical problems later. He uses the short stories to analyze the situation, make the problem and cause clear. Based upon that he describes a pattern (a style to develop software; mostly organizational stuff) to get rid of it.

The first one he suggests is a “ubiquitous language”. In short he says that all people connected to the project should use the same language, so that everyone can talk to everyone about the domain. That is not about technical stuff or infrastructure. It is mere that all know all what the software should / will be used to.

It’s a quite good book with well choosen practical examples and it helped to understand that real development differs from educational stuff in a sense of organization, time and size. It would have been helpful, if I read it earlier.