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Apache with Kerberos authentification

Dennis Guse

Special thanks to the guys who invented modauthkerb. I removed the PAM authentification modules, which I only used as wrapper to get Kerberos auth through PAM and replaced it with modauthkerb. Here is the small configuration:

1  Krb5Keytab /etc/apache2/krb5.keytab
2  KrbAuthRealms G00SE.ORG
3  KrbServiceName HTTP
4  <Directory / >
5   AuthType Kerberos
6    Require valid-user
7  </Directory>

That's all! Cool.

The Firefox bundled into my OpenSUSE 10.3 does already contain all necessary configurations. I only needed to add g00se.org *to *network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris in about:config. So he does accept the offer to do GSSAPI authentification with these URIS. And that's pretty cool.

At least I need to figure a way to get my M$ system use such cool stuff.